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A progress tracker that is based on our hypothesis that tracking the kids progress through the positive behavior framework of COM-B and making it visible to the children will boost their transformation through a portfolio containing a resume of skills, recommendations to help them reintegrate back into society.

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Discovery (Research on the youth justice system in the UK, Europe, and the world)

The UK

The approaches are focusing on intervention and prevention rather than welfare and rehabilitation.

They are rigid, abusive, and overcrowded.

The World

Involving the design of the environment, parents of the youth, and even longer, stricter training programs for staff.


It gets difficult to control the kids, they get locked up longer and some don't get as much free time outside their cells as others, which causes the children to be more violent. As a result, the center becomes unsafe for the staff and the children.

The current Plan at Secure School

The first takeaway is the policy is robust, wordy, and effective but still a checklist.


The second one is touch points may only present themselves at times of onboarding or incidents.


When visualized as a journey the policy touch-points may fall short of creating a holistic environment for restoration.

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The COM-B Model
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Psychological  -  Physical 
Social  -  Physical 

Capability is an individual’s psychological and physical capacity to engage in the activity concerned, which includes having the necessary knowledge and skills.

Opportunity is all the external factors that affect or influence behavior.

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Reflective  -  Automatic 

Motivation is all those driving forces that energizer and direct behavior, not just goals and conscious decision-making, it also includes habitual processes, emotional responses, and analytical thinking.

Service Proposition 
Service Proposition
Service Architecture  
Service Architecture
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