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DRIP is like Spotify for fashion, offering a freemium service that empowers users to discover, curate, and manage their fashion style and identity. Fueled by curatorial integrity and a personalized AI engine, in its simplest form users can search for fashion items and create playlists in our mobile or web app.

DRIP also helps fashion brands find potential customers organically online with a system where the customers come to them. No longer will brands struggle for exposure online or spend fortunes on marketing, with DRIP’s curated edits and personalization the customers find their products, style them together and purchase or rent with confidence.

The Problem
Fighting against 
DRIP Problem 1.png
DRIP Problem 2.png
DRIP Problem 3.png
Lack of
DRIP Problem 4.png

Lack of prioritizing ownership, embracing de-growth, and adopting circular fashion practices

DRIP Problem 6.png

Lack of confidence among wearers and makers

DRIP Problem 5.png

Lack of promoting longevity of the product and fostering a culture of


For who

Our User research reveals 4 key behavioural archetypes. Like a coming-of-age movie, people evolve from freestylers in their teens to chameleons or expressionists in their 20s, and eventually become orchestrators in their 30s and beyond. These transitions are influenced by trial and error, life events, and work demands. However, real-life journeys are complex, and we observe fluid interchangeability among archetypal behaviours, influenced by factors such as mood, daily needs, and different occasions.

Theory of Change
DRIP Aim-1.png
DRIP Aim-2.png
DRIP Aim.png


Discovering user created content

Reducing doom scrolling

Gamified process of discovering 

To reduce

Purchase errors

Excessive returning

Losing money 

To encourage

Confidence in selection process

Slowing down the buying process



Visualizing seasonal outfits

Planning and saving

To reduce

Not getting used and value

Saving things all over the place

Crowded and messy closets 

To encourage


Prolonging the life of each item



Understanding size & fit

Learning purchase methods

To reduce

Wasting time

Overwhelming tasks


To encourage


Avoiding debts 

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